Aeki Smart Face Mask

Masks have become an extended part of the body due to Covid 19 pandemic, and many people are facing issues due to several masks. Here, TFK international takes the lead as it manufactures smart face mask with intriguing designs, and is made as a see-through plastic mask.


Support Smart Protection This Covid 19 Pandemic!

The short-term usage of this quality mask has successfully gained huge demand in the market and convinced people to buy them in bulk. This smart face mask features removable air-filters that can last for around six weeks. We also provide an N 95 face mask that can be used for more than six hours without any need for replacement.

What a Smart Face Mask Look Like?


What Makes Smart Face Mask Different from Other Regular Masks?

The smart face mask contains in-built UV lights for self-disinfection when connected to a USB cable. It is made with an anti-fog material and will be easy to face – unlock material. Our company design smart face masks for the mass consumer market, which will be supplied at a competitive price

The smart face masks are made using high-efficiency electrostatic material which has stronger absorption capacity, and smaller respiratory resistance. It has a thick melt jet filter layer which makes mask longer service life. Made in folded design, convenient to hold, and carry.


Quick Features & Specifications of Face Mask

Our manufactured smart face masks contain the following features;

  • Adjustable nose piece for extra comfort
  • 95% filtration efficiency against certain non-oil particles
  • Disposable & Breathable
  • Light & Eco-friendly


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Additional information

Blue vinyl glove

1-100 boxes £8.50, 101-200 boxes £8.25, 2001 boxes or above £7.50, 201-500 boxes £8.10, 501-2000 boxes £7.90