Covid 19 Test Procedure & Detection Kit

Just like other digital medical kits including sugar testing, and digital sphygmomanometers, a covid-19 detection kit has also become a big necessity with rising awareness of pandemic this time. This device can increase your clientele as Covid 19 has caused panic everywhere, people are scared of investing money for Covid 19 test procedures in clinic and hospital


Covid 19 Test Procedure & Detection Kit – A Life Savior!

The TFK international is the leading preventive kits manufacturing company in Korea that provides all preventative stuff ranging from face masks to detection kits, and preventive watermakers. All our products are made with advanced features and cutting edge technology to spread a secure solution worldwide.

Reason Behind This Commendable Innovation

The primary objective behind initiating this useful innovative notion is, facilitate people with the utmost convenience, save their time and money from expensive and often fake covid 19 test procedure. The Covid detection kit enables them to perform all laboratory tests in one small, portable, & quick device.

While in the meantime, this device can also increase the scale of straight validated tests. For instance, expanding NHS testing capacity is equally critical to track & trace COVID-19 as the current pandemic start to occur

Device Storage, Component, & Features

We provide a product that is useful and affordable for our valuable clients and retailers. Covid 19 test procedure makes us dominating among other manufacturing companies and suppliers in the market. Some notable features and benefits of our supplied detection kit for an effective and more comfortable test procedure includes;

  • Easy to operate – No specific equipment required, provides a natural visual interpretation
  • Quick to Use: Instant testing just by fingertip blood gives result in 10 minutes
  • Accuracy: Results with IgM & IgG, respectively, validated using PCR and CT

Application: covid 19 test procedure is best to use for people witnessing mild symptoms. Also, best to use for testing individuals with close contact with already infected patients & for people who’re under quarantine control.

The device can be placed at the standard temperature. The test tape is steady before the expiry date, imprinted upon a fixed pocket. The cassette of the covid 19 test procedure must stay in a fixed bag until use. Try not to FREEZE. Never use it after the expiry date.


You need to find out what essential steps you can take to stop the spread of COVID-19. After the result of the covid 19 test procedure:

  • If the test is positive, you must need all the precautions, like wear a face mask and quarantine yourself for at least 15 days. Moreover, take a healthy diet to keep your immune system strong, so your body can fight against the virus. If your condition is serious, concern the doctor as soon as possible.
  • If the test negative, you are safe from the COVID-19. It may be the case that you did not have corona at the time of testing. If you still feel that you are suffering from the virus, test again. Take all the precautions and quarantine yourself for few days.

We provide you the reliable covid 19 test procedure kit that gives the authentic result. You can use the equipment multiple times but never reuse other’s masks or sticks of testing. Feel free to contact us for more details and queries. Our professional team also guides you about the testing kit in detail.

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