Many people think that antiseptic wipes or sprays are must-have items in every household, or even commercial places to kill germs and pathogens, agree? But truth is, there’s a metal that kills germs on contact, without requiring any cleaning supplies, do you what that basic metal is?

This is copper – a material that cultures across the globe have been recognized as vital to our health for more than a decade. The recent research on COVID -19 conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that; copper got rid of a virus on its surface within only four hours which is the fastest among all other surfaces in the test

What makes copper highly effective in killing microbes such as; bacteria and viruses, and why it isn’t being used everywhere?

The use of copper masks for health purposes dates back to ancient Egypt, where people though had no idea, yet they were aware that this incredible material can save lives from deadly infections and wounds.

Now, science, and advanced technology are here to tell us exactly why the secret behind such high anti-microbial property of copper comes from a process called ionic disposition. When a foreign organism like a bacterium lands on the surface of copper, or one of its alloys, the bacterium recognizes the copper ion as an essential nutrient and thus begins to absorb it.

However, as more and more copper ions enter the cell, the ionic dose becomes lethal, these levels of copper ions prove to be dangerous for the bacterium it destabilizes, the cell’s electrical micro-current the trans-membrane potential, and effectively short circuits the bacterial membrane

This allows more copper ions to flood into cells seriously affecting the cell’s ability to metabolize, and ultimately killing it by destroying its DNA and RNA. Also, it can sometimes even achieve this process in mere minutes. The list of microbes it can kill is truly impressive including;

  • MRSA E-Coli norovirus
  • Coronavirus
  • Antibiotic-resistant strains of staph

Wearing a copper face mask COVID works like a hardcore microbial murder machine during this COVID – 19 pandemic. a careless touch of the wrong surface can put your health in serious jeopardy, but on copper surfaces, the virus rarely lives long enough to do any harm.

What protects us from using it at all?

The answer is a cost! It’s also harder to maintain materials like steel plastic, and glass copper which can tarnish and lose their coloration over time. The researchers still believe that investing in copper is a lifelong investment as it never loses its anti-microbial properties even when it oxidizes and takes on green color.

Now, we can probably hope that the world’s government get over their aesthetic-based metal discrimination, and change their minds. To control the COVID 19 pandemic, the assurance of contaminated people is the main advance. When we talk about insurance against COVID 19, at that point what can more ideal than brilliant face covers?

The use of copper face masks can surely protect you from undergoing COVID 19 test procedure because it’s strong, and effective!

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