Nowadays, most copper face masks on the market are not respirators, like the N95 face mask. Copper face mask covid creates a perfect seal around the user’s face. As an alternative, they are looser-fitting cloth face masks, which permit particles to enter through the side gaps. The simple copper face masks were not for people at high risk of being bare with COVID-19.

Instead, copper face mask manufacturers designed to improve the copper masks that the CDC endorsed people wear in public to control the coronavirus’s spread. On a cloth face mask, the virus can live on the material for several days. Copper face masks are designed to be more hygienic. As the virus-related particles go out through the copper mask into the environment, all will die.

There are some advantages for the wearer as well. For example, when someone touches the infected surfaces like a doorknob, the virus then touches their face mask to adjust it. In this case, the copper face mask can kill these viruses, whereas they will stay on a traditional cloth face mask, possibly contaminating the wearer.

However, the effectiveness of a copper mask depends on how much copper is in it. Virus particles are tiny, so they need to encounter the copper to be deactivated. The best copper face masks will have copper incorporated into every grit rather than just one layer entrenched inside the face mask.

WHY COPPER? The most important question

According to the researches, copper can finish bacteria and viruses. It holds positively charged ions that trap viruses that are negatively-charged. Then the copper ions infiltrate the viruses, beginning them from replicating. A current study found that copper is effective at deactivating the novel coronavirus within few hours.

Historically, copper was used in hospital doorknobs to curb the spread of illness. They are also used in the fabric. Previously, These copper-infused fabrics were made into bed sheets and pillowcases in hospitals.

Now, as coronavirus has swept over the planet and forced more people to wear face masks, more manufacturing companies are thinking about integrating copper into face masks, copper face mask covid.

Can copper face masks be washed?

One advantage of copper face masks is that they are washable. In contrast, the precise details of washability may vary among many copper face masks. Some good-quality copper face mask can be washed repeatedly without decreasing the efficacy. It is one reason that hospitals are so enthusiastic about getting their hands on face masks.

The properties of copper face masks:

Copper fabrics face mask infused with copper ions, scientifically proven to be anti-microbial, which means anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal.

  • There are several colors of copper face mask: Pink, Orange, Dark Blue, White, Grey, Black, etc.
  • 9% anti-microbial even after 30+ washes of fabric
  • Copper face Mask for Face fabric certification of 0.893 μm radiation rate
  • Copper Mask fabric is excellent in preventing infection of respiratory diseases.
  • Copper material staphylococcus and pneumococcal anti-bacterial test 99.9% decrease certification

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