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Don’t Get Fooled with Fake Copper Face Mask! Read How to Identify the Right & Fake One!

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The copper masks are a bit pricey than other face masks, since its high effective against protecting viral infections, especially Coronavirus. The charm of a copper mask can be taken in the wrong way to trap people in a trick of charging money with incredible products. BEWARE!! Never get fooled with fake copper face masks

In this post, you’ll learn the best way to recognize which one is right, and which one is a fake copper face mask covid. Let’s get started;

According to copper mask ph, there are four things that you must remember to identify if a copper mask is fake or not. The first three things can be checked by looking at the box;

  1. Color of the box – note that copper mask in white boxes are already phased out, so make sure you’re going to buy a new version which is in the block box


  1. The legit copper masks have a 2.0 label at the middle right side of the box


  1. This label says “number one best-selling copper mask brand” in black color with a white rectangle, the fake ones have this color reversed


  1. The last thing to see is the copper mask itself. The legit copper face masks are soft, while fake ones are hard films

Besides, a legit copper face mask box is sealed with plastic all over and indicated at the back of the box, it claims like; “strong antimicrobial later,etc, and inclusions” It also states that it’s not for medical use, so take note of that. Also, it is written “made in Korea”

Perks of Legit Copper Mask

  • It comes with a product information booklet that contains all the necessary information which you might need regarding copper masks. It reveals what is a copper mask, what is inside the box, and how to use it


  • The original copper face mask covid is very comfortable and breathable. It’s the most comfortable mask one would have ever tried as compared to a surgical mask, n95, and cloth mask. This can be due to its fabric form


  • Also, the copper mask is stylish and looks great. If you want to dress up your outfit, this face mask will look like it has been just put together as part of a style. The copper face mask can match all skin tones


  • It doesn’t ruin lipstick! Many people avoid wearing a face mask at work, especially girls because it ruins all lipstick, but a copper mask doesn’t because it doesn’t touch your lips and skin


  • The copper mask comes with reusable non-woven filters which can be washed up to two times, and can be reused up to three times, this makes great value for money.


Similarly, I have also heard that the covid 19 test procedure also has to be reliable by recommendable physicists, otherwise, you know fraud is everywhere!

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