The trend of wearing face masks is finally emerging in our lives. It has set a new norm for every individual around the globe, so on the other side, manufacturers and experts are engrossed in exploring innovation each day. After all, protection also matters apart from how we look with wearing face masks.

With daily latest advancements and styles in innovative face masks, the name transparent face masks, leave us curious to learn more about it! According to research, these face masks claims to block 99.99% of bacteria particles and thus provides ultimate protection from all kinds of viral diseases.

  • Vogmask

This smart face mask comes with an outer and inner face blank and a highly efficient particle filter. Other features of this mask include an exhalation valve and carbon filter. It let you thrive in style

  • Airblis Anti – Pollution Mask

Air pollution is a global pandemic, not just a problem of big occupied cities in Asia. It has become a silent killer stalking the streets of all major cities, including Europe. However, regarding this mysterious viral disease, this anti-pollution smart face mask provides the best protection.

It is easy to breathe, has a safer sealing system with better air efficiency and smart sensor monitoring. This Airblis is a next-generation air pollution maskUV – Powered Transparent Mask

  • The UV – powered Leaf transparent smart face mask

This face mask blocks nearly 100% of pathogens and pollutants. Detroit-based Redcliffe Medical makes it. The Leaf is a short veil with N99+ HEPA – carbon filtration, which helps to obstruct around 100 % of 0.3-micron particles.

It further involves little implicit UV – C light, which empowers the cover to self-cleanse. This straightforward face cover additionally permits the wearer to open their telephones with their face ID. It is FDA affirmed and has an enemy of misting highlights keeping your body at bay from getting foggy when you inhale or talk.

A leaf face mask is made from medical–grade silicone, which comes in different colors and sizes and is available at a reasonable price.

  • Electric Smart Face Masks

Apart from transparent face masks, now there are some electric smart face masks; call it a complimentary gift of protection as we stepped into another aura where even face covers have a smart version.

Let’s move to highly demanding electric face masks in the market this year

  • Banale Face Mask

This is a smart pollution mask with replaceable filters. You can wear it in two ways;

First, open the filter, adjust your face, pull the side laces behind your ears, and adjust the cord lock for a better fit.

Second, adjust the filter to your face, pull the lower lace behind your head, and adjust the cord lock for a better fit.

This smart face mask features a convenient replaceable filter. Take a deep breath and never stop

  • Air + Smart Face Mask

This smart face mask can be the world’s first micro ventilator that expels heat, expels moisture, and expels CO2. The fit was tested for age seven and above. This smart face mask comes in various sizes to fit the whole family, such as; small, medium, and large.